It is better to find potential problems BEFORE they become costly ones!

We’ve already had the first rains of the season and more is on the way—this is Western Washington after all.  Now is a great time to have your roof inspected by a professional.
Here at Statewide Roofing we offer free roof inspections, roof repair, and complete roof quotes in and around the Puget Sound area.  It only takes a minute to give us a call to schedule your free appointment.
What to look for on a suspect roof:
  • curled shingles
  • missing shingles
  • torn shingles
  • loss of granules
  • waves in roof line
  • excessive moss
From the safety of the sidewalk; use a pair of binoculars to inspect your roof line and shingles for damage.
A damaged roof may have curled, torn or missing shingles.  The roof line may have a wave that indicates issues with your A-Frame — roof framing. The roof is either past it’s life or even it’s service life—meaning it needs to be replaced.
Worn or loss of granules on shingles means that your roof is not capable of expelling heavy or icy rains which can lead to sudden leaks.  Consider your roof to be the first line of defense against water damage which can affect your structure.

Moisture in a attic or crawlspace can lead to mildew which can cause health issues.  If a leak is not found early, mildew can build up to toxic levels which would require even more costly repairs.

Statewide Roofing can inspect the accessories attached to your roof such as vents, pipe boots, and flashing. These areas often become water access points due to age or previous damage and can be easily spotted, and fixed saving you time and money.  Inspection of these areas, including your chimney’s flashing will assure you that your roof is sound and certificate for insurance and mortgage purposes.
Call us today to make that appointment, and have our crew out to inspect that 1st line of defense against the elements.
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