Finding the right contractor to repair, replace or build your new roof can be a huge and daunting task.

Typically, in today’s market, a referral goes a long ways—what you hear is the best testimonial in the business.  We encourage all of our customers to tell others about us because we do stand by our work and are proud to be in this business.

Years back, checking the Better Business Bureau was the safe heaven to know if a business is top notch.  In today’s internet market–it would seem Yelp and similar sites are the places many consumers check to learn about businesses and their reputations.  With the negative press and bully tactics Yelp has been involved with; many of the unsavory testimonials are not “real” customers but rather competitors or possibly disgruntle employees.

Websites such as these can be created, uploaded and filled with all the “best” testimonials and great picture galleries that a business owner can sift through.  So you might ask yourself?  How do I know if what I am seeing and reading tells me that we are the best fit for you?

What we ask is this?

Give us a call for a no-pressure walk thru of your home of commercial property.  We want to meet you and discuss your needs. We will take an assessment of your roofing needs with several questions and provide options that make the process of roof repair and replacement easy.  We will provide you a roof quote for service, repair or replacement within 48 hours of our meet and greet.

It is our number one goal to make sure that you are satisfied through the entire process.  We welcome any reviews and any number of sites, and your comments to use through social media, our site on in person are greatly appreciated.

We strive to be the best and what we do.

Statewide Roofing.


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