Chimney check time.

It’s that time of the year again as we head into a new year; Check your roof one last time and especially your chimney.

American’s all of our great nation scurry about their homes making sure spring, summer and even autumn lawn decorations, including tables and chairs are stored away from the elements for the coming year.  It is also a good time for homeowners, to walk their properties checking for secured windows, entry ways, loose debris and more.

October is all about Halloween decorations and rain.  In the Pacific Northwest, October is the start of our all day and everyday rainy season that can last into April and May.

Every year it is a good idea to safely climb onto your roof to inspect your chimney for issues.  Loose structure, flashing, and even to schedule a chimney sweep.

Contact Statewide Roofing and we will be happy to arrange for chimney sweep services.



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